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Bio for Our Broker   -   Amy Wolfe


With over 27 years in the industry, our broker at Elizabeth Street, Inc.  is the most valuable asset we have.

Our agents are given a unique opportunity to work with a broker who has a wealth of experience and expertise in the many facets of our real estate and building industry.  

Amy Wolfe has been a broker since 1997, when she opened Owner's Choice Realty for her own real estate work, and colleges in the building industry.  In 2003 she opened Elizabeth Street Inc. Real Estate for her agents, which still operates today for general real estate practices in Georgia.  

Amy has won over 25 top National and Local Professionalism Awards in her career.  She is an award-winning home builder, award winning real estate marketing expert, national award-winning sales person, land developer, civil construction manager, chief estimator, architectural design manger, technical writer, designer, commercial builder, director of sales and marketing, published in marketing psychology, and a residential and commercial real estate broker.  Amy credits her construction engineering background as the cornerstone of her career in real estate. 

Amy uses what she has learned in her extensive background to guide and mentor her clients for the best results.

Amy is the Team Leader of The Wolfe Pack Team.  The team includes some of the companies top agents, as well as Amy's husband, John Wolfe, who has 25+ years of experience in the construction side of the industry, and is now an important member of the team as a licensed professional agent.

Amy’s forward thinking will guide those agents lucky enough to join Elizabeth Street, Inc. to the next level of their real estate business.

Amy's clients see the difference when they have Amy and her team on their side of the transaction table.  Experience and professionalism is key to a smooth transaction.

Amy and The Wolfe Pack Team are looking forward to working with you on your real estate goals.   

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